Temporary Residence (2013)

Martyn Cross | Annabel Dover | Roseanna Greaves | Kevin Hunt | Iain Paxon | Richard Proffitt | Sean Vicary | Lisa Wilkins

In January-February 2013 Kettle’s Yard invited two artist-led spaces from the East of England, Aid & Abet from Cambridge and Outpost from Norwich to take up temporary residence in their gallery for a two-part exhibition.

Aid & Abet presented a curated group exhibition of artists from across the UK. The exhibition centred around work dealing with transitions and thresholds as a way of exploring the dynamic relationship between artists and institutions. The work in the exhibition focused on the evolution and transformation of image, material and object through pathos, humour and a meticulous approach to process. Common to the working methodology was an interest in elements of the outsider, the cult, and the uncanny. The exhibition was accompanied by a programme of contextual events, discussions and performances.