GRAVEL (2015)

For the end of year ‘Gravel’ exhibition Aid & Abet displayed a selection of sculptures, drawings, photographs and films in the indoor and outdoor studios at Gravel Hill Farm. The artwork reflects a poetic journey that captures a narrative of human relations to landscape, and marks Aid & Abets’ yearlong working relationship with the University’s Department of Land Economy.

Our exhibition was presented alongside site-specific work by artists Bedwyr Williams and Fernando Garcia-Dory, who were the other two artists-in-residence at North West Cambridge.

The film ‘Century Egg’ by Bedwyr Williams takes the viewer on an imaginative and witty sojourn through the collections of the University of Cambridge Museums as well as the North West Cambridge Development site.

Fernando García-Dory has devised an installation and Seminar – Dwelling Model: Unsettled Research Centre for Sustainability and the Built Environment – to discuss and reflect on sustainability in the built environment.