ELAN (2015-18)

ELAN is the name of Aid & Abet’s creative studio space at the heart of the CB1 development near the train station in Cambridge.

Inspired by ‘The Atelier Brancusi: A work of art in its own right’ and Daniel Buren’s influential essay ‘The Function of the Studio’ this 3-year project takes as a starting place ‘the studio’ and explores how artworks proximity to one another and their relationship with the site in which they are made enables a ‘true understanding’ of the artwork.

ELAN is a hybrid space that overlaps studio, research lab and presentation space, designed to share with the public both the process and the results of artistic experiments.

ELAN welcomes collaboration and participation and is interested in creating events that cross-different disciplines.

ELAN is born out of a long-term interest in artist-led projects and collaborative initiatives and brings artists together with both local and new communities to share in creative investigations and as a way to explore and inform a new development.

ELAN’s activities include research, hands on making, workshops, discussions, performances, screenings and publications with an aim to provide an ever changing space that offers multiple and shifting entry points for its audience.

ELAN will explore each aspect of the project’s name – experimental, local, area, network – as interconnected conceptual and imaginative spaces for artistic enquiry.

Activities at ELAN