Lotusland estates was a month-long iteration of an ongoing collaborative project between artists Philip Cornett, Richard Dodwell, and Paul Kindersley held at ELAN studio during the month of October 2016.

Motivated by the enigmatic artist, Jack Smith LOTUSLAND ESTATES became a space of exploration for both artists and the public to encourage art as a social platform of enquiry regarding the assimilation of queer culture within a neo-liberal (sub)urban society.   The intention for the project was to raise a crucial debate about estate development, the city and how artists can sustain a practice and become an active part of the city. During an intensive month ELAN became a performative, social and discursive space, which teased out crucial issues about the value of local creative spaces not only in Cambridge but also across the UK.

The studio was transformed daily with visiting artists contributing to the project on a regular basis. Participants included Emma McCormick-Goodhart, Richard Dodwell, Bad Timing, Jamie W G Ashman, Nera Klean, Florence Devereux, Urara Tsuchiya, Robert Fox, Tiina Burton, Circuit Cambridge, Anji Main, Tim Spooner, David Kefford, Karen Eng, Kelcy L Davenport, Sarah Evans, Tom Tyldesley, Lisa Daktilo


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