Gropius Symposium (October 2015)

We were invited by Elena Cologni to take part in this day-long symposium as part of the 75th anniversary of the Walter Gropius’ Modernist Building. The day of roundtables, workshops, and performances addressed the following: art and the rural; power embodied in space; memory and place attachment.

We focused our presentation on THE PERIPHERAL SPACE, BETWEEN THE RURAL AND THE URBAN using our residency at North West Cambridge as the catalyst.

During the presentation we examined the significance.

to our work of the peripheral space, between the rural and urban. The shifting nature of these spaces where the boundary is in an ongoing flux and negotiation between these two identities and how this presents an inspirational site to consider process driven practice. The edgeland offers another type of identity to either rural or urban and enables the artist to be at the edge of both and consider what each offers.

Other contributors included:

Gulsen Bal, Rebecca Beinart, Cristina Bogdan, Elena Cologni, Ian Hunter, Alana Jelinek, Ian Nesbitt, Bram Thomas Arnold among others.

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