ARU Workshops (November 2015)

Aid & Abet are pleased to be working in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University on a collaborative project/workshop with the MA Fine Art and Printmaking students.  We have been using the ELAN studio to explore the following creative areas through a series of dedicated hands-on making sessions.

  • the role of play in practice, collaboration, group work and/or shared practice.
  • material and process led practice (creating context within the studio to challenge individual methodologies for making work)
  • responding to site – walk, explore, collect, take photographs limited palette of materials in studio (string, paper, tape, pencil, + found materials)
  • keeping materials in flux – call and response
  • considering the space as a curatorial site for the presentation of collaborative/group work (ideas that are in process) this could be: object, image, film, performance (or a combination)

The students have been encouraged to stage their work and utilize the visibility of the studio (with it’s large floor to ceiling window) to engage each other as audience and the passing public and or invited guests.

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